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City of Ashland Carbon Offset Option

City of Ashland Carbon Offset Option

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The City of Ashland has partnered with BEF to provide a tool for Ashland residents and businesses to participate in reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets.

Why buy carbon offsets?

  • Voluntarily reduce your personal or business greenhouse gas emissions generated by vehicle travel, shipping or manufacturing, natural gas, heating oil or other activities with an identified carbon footprint
  • Along with behavioral and operational changes, carbon offsets are a great addition to your sustainability toolbox and can help you meet your personal or business carbon reduction goals
  • Know that your efforts are counted. The offsets purchased through this site are third party certified and the total annual purchases will be counted towards Ashland’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory, helping to meet our community emissions reduction goals.

How does this help Ashland’s community emission reduction goals?

  • The recently approved Ashland Climate and Energy Action Plan contains a goal to meet an 8% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions each year through 2050. This goal is in place to meet the science-based target of Ashland’s share of emissions reductions required to return the global atmosphere to a level of 350 parts per million(ppm) or less (just recently passed the 400 ppm level)
  • Carbon offsets are one of a number of actions that the community can voluntarily participate in to contribute to the 8% annual reduction target. For more information on local actions, check out the Ashland Climate and Energy Plan project page and final document at

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Projects located in the U.S. that capture, destroy or reduce harmful greenhouse gases emitted from sources such as animal waste, landfills, fossil fuel use or refrigerants.

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What exactly are carbon offsets? Carbon Offsets (also called Carbon Credits) are generated by discrete carbon reduction projects. One Carbon Offset represents the reduction of 1 metric ton (or 2,205 pounds) of greenhouse gas emissions that occur as a result of that specific project. On top of their direct environmental benefit, some Carbon Offset projects carry additional certification to provide measurable social benefits as well.

1 carbon offset = 1 metric ton of CO2e kept from the atmosphere

How are they verified to be actual emission reductions? Each Carbon Offset generated is third-party verified to prove that real, permanent, verifiable, additional and enforceable emissions reductions have occurred.

How much is one carbon offset? Carbon offsets purchased through this site are $10.00 per metric ton.

How do I figure out what my total carbon footprint is in the first place? You can use one of our carbon calculators located in the top right corner of this web page. We have calculators for events, businesses and individuals.

What kinds of projects generate the offsets that are for sale on this site? Our portfolio changes constantly, but you can see examples of the types of projects we have here. When you receive your certificate via email, it will tell you the project from which your offsets came.